Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Dog Mom Who Crafts? Kinda

I think by now one of the running themes that have emerged in this blog is my desire to become more domestic. I somehow believe that this will make me better "wife material." That's probably not true, but it makes sense in my head so I'm going with it.

Anyway, I make blankets. I think for most of you who know me you just went "WHAT!?!" Yeah I know. You've all seen them before, those fleece tie blankets. Yep, those are the ones I make. I've made a total of four in my lifetime, three in the Tri-Cities and two of those went to dogs, the third to the dogs' owner.

This last one I made for myself, kinda. I'm not actually using it; I made it and then put it away in the closet. I'm not very good about doing things for myself and that includes making a blanket and then keeping it. Now, I know at least one person ((yep that one who keeps popping up)) who might consider it the best blanket ever invented.
I did not make it for him though; this one is staying with me even if it is in the closet.

So why blankets? Well I'm not very crafty. In 6th grade you go to camp as a class. ((God Bless Lutheran Schools)) Part of earning your grade is adding onto the class quilt. Let's just say there were a lot of tears and my square was actually done by one of the moms. All I was trying to make was a Bible ((which would be a square)) with a cross on it and I failed miserably. I have always wanted to secretly be like Martha Stewart ((also following her on Twitter)) but I just lack the skills. But with these fleece tie blankets, even when I kinda mess up they still turn out useable. I mean, it might not be the best looking blanket but it's a functional blanket nonetheless.

So what does this have to do with Missy or the blog? Well it sticks with the whole dog-mom vs. kid-mom theme as well. Real moms are crafty. They sew buttons, help with finger painting, and encourage picture drawing. This dog mom makes idiot proof blankets. Now I have a friend who recently became a dog mom who is crafty and cooks. She will be a GREAT kid mom too. But not all of us are that cool. The blanket thing makes me a least feel like I'm kid-mom crafty and it gives me another hobby to list besides "making my dog an internet star."

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