Monday, May 10, 2010

To Brush or Not To Brush

This is a debate I've been having with myself since the beginning of March. Missy was at the vet for what felt like the 100th time since we moved to Spokane. She always gets a very good overall report of being healthy and happy from the vet. This time the vet also noticed a little tarter on two of her teeth. She mentioned to me I might want to consider brushing her teeth. I told her, "Oh I can just have the groomer starting doing that every time she goes".

((Which by the way is a classic Brittany response. There are many things I rather just pay someone else to do than do myself. I'm pretty poor most of the time and scrappy when it comes to penny pinching but there are things I refuse to do. One prime example is clean my car. I will never ever clean my car. I would rather pay my last buck to someone else to clean it for me then even attempt to do it myself. Needless to say it's been almost a year since the inside of my car was cleaned.))

But of course, when it comes to Missy it's a whole other ballgame. I would also use my last buck to feed her instead of myself. So in response to my groomer solution the vet told me that just wouldn't do. She says for any real progress to be made I would have to brush her teeth everyday, not once every 6 weeks. Yikes! Now it's not that Missy's teeth are bad at all, it's just the nature of the game. Paying the groomer to do it won't actually be of any help, it's about the same as never having it done at all.

Well since then, I've come up with a compromise, sort of. My executive producer at work also has a dog that ended up being allergic to something in her home. She had to change everything from food and treats to laundry detergent. So Missaroo and I scored some "Clean and Crunch" treats out of it. Missaroo loves them and they are suppose to help keep her teeth clean. She gets one everyday. Now of course I THINK I see an improvement. But this week we'll be taking a trip to Petsmart to pick up another bag of dog food and I'll probably stand in front of the tooth brushes for a while.

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