Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Miss-Adventure

Miss and I celebrated our first Best Buds Day by doing what we do best, making the most of what we've got. After our usual long walk, I decided we'd backpack it to who knows where. I loaded down Miss with water and food.....

And then I did the same....

By the time we were almost out the door, I noticed Missy licking her backpack. Turns out her water had leaked, big time....

So her backpack went out on the balcony to dry and I put her bandana on her instead.

She of course had to give it a good shake before leaving.

Then we headed to the soccer fields right here on the Hill. Yep. We drove a couple of blocks. But then we got out and RAN! I never run let alone drop Missaroo's leash, but we were all by ourselves and we did it. I tried to get Miss to play with her ball but she was too into sniffing the ground and chasing after birds. Soon it was time for a snack.

After the walk and running I was pretty pooped. We went for a car ride but Miss just barked the entire time so we headed for home and did what we really do best, sit on the balconey. Then Miss decided to chew on some of the wet treats she found in her backpack.


After a long afternoon in the sunshine we took a nap. Best Buds Day complete!

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