Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Missaroo @themissaroo

The big adventure of getting Missy to become an Internet star has taken another turn. About a month ago, I blogged about The Fans of the Missaroo. I wrote about how the blog helps me deal and the group made me laugh. Well now Missy has her very own page on Facebook. I'm still working on how to make them separate but both relevant. I want to keep our fans group members and get everyone to join the page too. Any ideas by the way would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty much thinking the page will be more about the message of the Missaroo: staying positive, helping animals, and loving life. The group is more about her, updates on what's happening, almost like a mini-blog.

Now Missaroo is also on Twitter. The Twitter account is also about spreading the Missaroo message while promoting the blog, group, page, and re-tweeting about animals that still haven't found their forever home. I'm not going to lie, the Twitter thing is also kind of a popularity contest. I hope she gets way more followers than me. Right now she has 14 and I only happen to know 3 of them. So that's pretty cool. 

I sometimes get caught up in the numbers and trying to update, update, update. Most of the time I've pretty much convinced myself that nobody is reading. Then on Friday Missy and I got the best message ever. A woman I went to college with wrote on the page to tell me she was inspired by our blog and stories and rescued "a little Missy of her own." WOW! That was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

As open as I am about my life, it's still hard to put yourself out there. ((I think if there's one thing the blog has taught you it should be that I don't deal with having my heart rejected very well)) And I am defiantly someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. It's hard to say hey we'd love to hear from you! And then never get a response. It's understandable, but not easy. So I leave you with this, what you say matters and more than that your actions matter. Right when I think, OK I'm nuts time to call it a day, someone says thank you for what you do, or even better rescues an animal in need. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Missaroo message alive three months later.

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