Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Buds Day Revisited

So it's Best Buds Day 2 and I'm already breaking a rule, blogging on Best Buds Day, but the Missaroo is sleeping under my desk pretty dead to the world and I have to go to work pretty soon so I thought I'd catch you up before my work week officially starts.

Today Missaroo was up at 6am, I was not. Of course I took her outside but I slept in until closer to 7:45am. Then I got ready for the big day. First stop Petco, you know, where the pets go? Now for you avid readers of the blog you might think you just read a typo. Petco? Don't you mean Petsmart? Not this time. Here's the deal, we go to the Petsmart in Spokane Valley and as KREM 2 News' Othello Richards reports there's a ton of construction going on and it's one big mess (( I love my job sometimes)) So we decided to stay on the hill and head to Petco instead. Missy loves all pet stores so it didn't really matter to her, she was excited to go. And that little rebel wore her Petsmart bandanna inside! ((ok maybe her mom is the rebel))

From there we ditched the car and went for a walk. We found a great new place off of Southeast Blvd. to walk. It's like a little nature park. Missaroo loved all the new smells!

Then we came home a played with the new toy I picked up for Miss. I named him Greenie. More on the toy in another blog. She loves him. Then we had some lunch and kicked back to snuggle and watch some TV. After the short break, we headed out again on our usual long walk for the day. By the time we turned toward home, Missy was walking behind me, yep she was pooped! Doesn't happen very often but that is a sure sign of a successful Best Buds Day. Unfortunately, it's pretty much over. I'll be heading to work and then she'll eat again and potty and that will be about it. But we enjoyed the day with smiles on our faces! That's what Best Buds Day is all about!

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