Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind on the Blogging

So I've been blog slacking over the last couple of days. I know I've been really good at not going more than a day without a new adventure until now. Well here's why and WARNING: our funny, little blog gets GROSSS, again.

Saturday morning I started puking and I just couldn't stop. Usually I throw up maybe once or twice and then I feel better. So on Saturday when I threw up a couple of times before work I really didn't think too much of it. But at work I just couldn't stop. I was sitting under my desk sweating and puking. Finally I called my boss. It's the first time I've called in sick.

I went home and Miss knew something was up. Mom doesn't come home that early on a Saturday. She was lying very nicely in her crate when I let her out and headed straight for bed. Missaroo followed. She didn't even try to snuggle when she saw the covers go up and around my head. Instead, she stood guard at the bottom of my bed all day long. When I got up to puke again and again she followed me into the bathroom and sat down next to me and then back to bed I would go as she went back to her post. My good little girl.

I found myself realizing I have the best dog in the world. She only wined at me when she had to go to the bathroom and once again at midnight after I forgot to feed her. I FORGOT TO FEED MY DOG! I also had one of those, good thing you're not a child moments because CPS would have coming a knockin' on that one.

I was finally able to hold down liquid at about 2:30 and tried solid food at 5. It was a long day. I'm glad I had the Missaroo to see me through.

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