Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Moms Day!

I have one of the best moms in the entire world. I would love to blog about her today but I'm not allowed to blog about my parents anymore ((censorship from 2,000 miles away, yes it's possible)) so I'm making this about being a mom instead.

Being a kid mom is the toughest job in the world. Being a dog mom is much easier, but like I've said before I'm still a mom. I would love to one day get a card on this holiday though. I have a few friends who actually received cards from their dogs telling them what great moms they have. Since it's just me and Miss, I wasn't as lucky. I spent the day at work missing my own mom and my own child, the Missaroo. I really hope I'm a good dog mom to her.

Today I actually considered looking into Big Brothers/Big Sisters. We run these promos on KREM 2 all the time because we are sponsoring this year's bowling event. For the first time, ((maybe because it's mother's day)) the promo came on and I could actually hear a clock ticking in my heart. Usually, it only ticks in my head when I see babies, but these were big kids and the clock isn't just getting louder, it's actually on the move! I've also noticed that my love of the Missaroo is starting to become a love of wanting another pet. For a long time I've wanted to add a cat to our family. The feeling hasn't gone away. I get real and rational and realize I can't afford one, but tick tock.

This is probably one of my least thought out posts I've ever written. I'm just kind of rambling a bit. But I guess the bottom line is, to all you kid moms out there today, I was more jealous of you then usual. I love my Missaroo for so many reasons, ((Reason # 147,568 was seeing her tongue hanging out as we walked today)) I wouldn't trade her for the world, but I wish she wasn't the only kid in my world. I wish our family was bigger. Or I wish someone would just bust that darn clock already.

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