Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wet Behind the Ears

Last week Missaroo spent all day Thursday at daycare. She needed the play time after our life adventure on Wednesday. When I went to pick her up she did her usual scramble for me. She gets so excited to see me she just can't move fast enough, plus she has to pee. The gal who brought her out told me, "she must have been playing, her ears are wet." I assumed they were slobbery from another dog and didn't think too much of it. Plus that's the whole point right, playing with other dogs?

So ((for those of you who live in Spokane)) we're stopped at Division and Sprague and I look over at her and her ears aren't wet they're SOAKED. But it's just her ears, not a drop of wetness on her anywhere else. I BLAST LAUGHED! How in the heck are her ears wet like that!?! I took a few pictures at the next few lights we hit on our way up the Hill. Unfortunately those pics are still on my new phone. I can't seem to figure out how to get them off there and onto my computer just yet.

My crazy dog! She was so happy and did seem like she played pretty hard. I would give anything for a doggie daycare cam to see her in action. I bet she's a totally different dog out there then she is on a leash with me. One theory goes she put her head in the water bucket. Probably. I love my Missaroo and her soaking wet ears.

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