Monday, May 17, 2010


Missy loves all toys that squeak. She has an affection for those stuffed toys you see at the pet store but then she turns into that scene in TommyBoy where Tommy uses a biscuit to talk about loving the "pretty little pet" too much and then rips it to shreds. The scene ends with Tommy saying "I can't believe he called me a psycho" That's what Miss does with her stuffed toys she loves them to death.

The thing with the squeak toys is she must get the squeak to stop. She has figured out where it's coming from exactly inside the toy. She then makes a hole right there and pulls out all of the stuffing in order to get to it. The scary thing is with one of her toys she not only took the squeaker out but she actually detached it so even outside of the toy it couldn't squeak. But in the process she eats the stuffing, which makes her throw up. ((It runs in the family apparently)) So we've laid off the stuffed toys for a while. She hasn't had one since she destroyed moo. Until Best Buds Day.

Friday at Petco, you know, where the pets go, I decided it was time for a new toy. We found this one that had five squeakers in it BUT it doesn't really have any stuffing in it. It's one of those all natural toys ((not that I care about that part)) but it also looked a little more durable than Moo. I named him Greenie and Missy was in love right away. Well today is Monday and I'll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking....

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