Thursday, May 27, 2010

Overcoming Motorcycle Fears Gus the Bear Style?

Everyone at work likes to tell me, "Hey I saw you walking your dog the other day." It doesn't help that Missaroo and I live across the street from work and walk up and down a fairly busy road. So yes, everyone I work with at one time or another has seen us walk. The other day it was Chuck, one of our engineers who mentioned it. Chuck is a swell guy who I enjoy talking to. He's a good source of information especially when it comes to thinking outside the box or saving money. The conversation started out as usual and then he started asking me about my dog. I mentioned she's great but crazy and then explained her hatred of motorcycles. Then Chuck came up with a possible solution. A possible solution? I never even really had hope she'd get over the motorcycle thing, until now. Chuck asked, "have you ever let her sniff one?" Holy smokes! Nope! He mentioned how one of our other engineers has a motorcycle he drives to work a lot, ((Lance is equally as swell)) you know the place we live across the street from? Let her sniff a motorcycle, genius!

But there's a catch. Missy also barks at parked, non-running motorcycles. So there is a chance she might freak out and not get close enough to sniff one. But with this catch there is another possible solution. Let me tell you the story of Gus the Bear.

Gus the Bear is a Christmas lawn decoration that was outside his house. You know who I'm talking about it. Missy would bark at Gus and wouldn't let me anywhere near it. I even had to call him from outside his house once because Miss wouldn't let me get close enough to knock. I told him she doesn't like Gus. He said, "here I'll fix that" and he took her right up to Gus, she sniffed him and BAM! No more barking at Gus. Well, well, well. Maybe if Someone else takes the Missaroo up to a motorcycle and sniffs it we might have another BAM! on our hands. It's worth a shot. Now all we need is for the rain to stop, the bikes to come out, and a tiny favor from the love of Missy's life. Swallowing my pride in order to take a chance this might work? You bet!

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