Friday, March 26, 2010

Relying Too Much on the Missaroo

I think sometimes I rely too heavily on the Missaroo to fill the void of being a single, non-kid woman. I really do think as the Missaroo as my child and the more my heart gets broken, and the more men turn into scum, the more I rely on her to make me feel like a kid-mom. I know that Missaroo leads a pretty good life for an apartment dog. She receives plenty of exercise, goes to the vet regularly, goes to daycare, is groomed, and eats pretty expensive dog food. But am I doing her a disservice by thinking of her as my kid? Does she need to be treated more like a dog?

Now don't get me wrong, she won't be wearing clothes anytime soon, eating off the table, or posing next to me for a Christmas card. ((All things I think are beyond silly)) But when we're curled up together watching TV I'm the happiest. Since Missy is a dog, I'm pretty sure her happiest is on a walk or running around the apartment. I just sometimes wonder if I put too much pressure on her to be more like a kid than a dog, but maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself to be a more like a kid-mom when all I have is a dog.

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