Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Does Missaroo Know She's a Girl Dog?

This might seem like an irrelevant question to ask, but it's been something I've wondered for quite some time. I've written before about how Missy likes to play aggressively. She also enjoys barking and spazing out around other dogs. She's happy to play bite and be wrestled to the ground. Not very lady like of her. That's when I wonder, are all female dogs like this or does Miss have a bit of an identity crisis going on? If there's one thing I've never claimed to be in this blog it's an expert on dogs.

But then the Missaroo has a change of heart. Along with the sad face she also works the eyelashes better than I can. And she has some great, short lashes that almost make her look like she has makeup on up close. She is a very beautiful dog. Then Missaroo also knows how to work the men. They instantly fall in love with her and tell me what an adorable dog I have. Sometime I wish she'd let me in on her secret.

So here's what I've decide not only does Missy "get" that she is in fact a girl dog, she's the best kind of girl there is. The Missaroo is smart, adorable, beautiful, strong, and a survivor. ((She did hold her own on the streets of Pasco for God knows how long)) She can play rough and have a great time but she's also so sweet and loves to smile. She's what all girls should be. I like to think she gets it from me, I mean I am the dog mom after all, but like most adoption situations once again it's the parent who's learning from the "child." Oh that Missaroo!

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