Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Not So Good Little Passenger

The Missaroo comes with me EVERYWHERE! It is a lot of fun to get up and go and know my little bud is right there with me. Drive-Thrus are pretty fun for her because she usually gets a treat. Walgreen's, Wendy's, the bank, all places that ask if they can give her something when I pull up. "Yes please!" I say. Not only is it great that she gets free treats but really it's worth it for what happens next. Missy takes the treat  to try and "burry" it in the car. Not only is this adorable, BUT it mean her head is DOWN. And if her head is down and her mouth is full, guess what she's not doing!?! Freaking out at motorcycles! The moment doesn't last very long. And yes the treat usually does make it out of the car at the end of the trip. She's pretty good about bring it up the stairs and into the apartment when we return home. If it weren't for the treats she might not come with so much. She practically tries to claw her way through the back passenger window during one of her spaz moments. She also barks uncontrollably sometimes, which is equally as awesome by the way. And when she's not doing any of that, well then she's on the lookout for something to bark and spaz out about. No joke. She sits with her front paws on the middle contraption and stares straight ahead very intently, waiting, watching. And then BARK.... BARKABARKBARK.... right into my ear! Ouch! Oh the Missaroo, my not so good little passenger.

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