Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Gross Side of Missaroo

Yesterday Miss went to daycare all day for the second day in a row. The day before she also had the chance to see the love of her life and was actually jumping on her back legs. She's also been spending some time on the balcony running around and barking at the neighbors. So when I had to leave for class on Tuesday night I decided to leave her to roam the apartment for a few hours since I figured she'd just sleep. When I came back everything looked in order at first, until I saw the paper trail. Or more correctly, the Kleenex trail. Miss had gotten into the bathroom garbage again. I forgot to put it up on the counter before I left. Missy loves dirty Kleenex. She's also a fan of chewing on my used makeup sponges, GROSS! It's so weird. And hold on, it gets worse. If I didn't have the Missaroo I would normally just throw my clothes on the floor when I go to hop in the shower. Can't do that anymore. Missaroo also loves to chew on dirty underwear! YIKES GROSS! She has destroyed more pairs than I care to admit. Moments like those truly remind me she's a dog. I usually have to say it out loud too, "Missy Mae what have you done, this is gross dog, what's wrong with you!" Well actually nothing is wrong with her, she's a dog. I'm just thankful she doesn't eat dog poop.

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