Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Attached at the Hip

Missaroo and I have been inseparable since the first day I took her home. As obsessed as I am about my dog, I think the truth is she's pretty obsessed with me too. In fact, I think she started it! I took Miss home on a Saturday and by Tuesday she had her first vet appointment. The vet told me Miss should be socialized because she was way too attached to me. Really!?! It's been three days! The first week together I slept out in the loving room for a variety of reasons. I would sleep in the recliner and she would sleep on the floor. As soon as Missy would hear a strange noise not only would she bark uncontrollably, she would also jump onto the chair and straddled me! I would wake up with this barking dog on top of me. She was protecting me from the noise.
One day when Miss was having a motorcycle spaz attack she managed to slip her collar. She then high tailed it after the motorcycles as they barreled down the street. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I immediately took off running after her yelling. I knew if she hit the intersection she'd get hit by a car. As I was running I thought "ok, I'll take my sweatshirt off and wrap it around her real tight to try and stop the bleeding, maybe I'll be able to carry her to the vet" I mean we were on a walk, I was no where near my car and I was in panic mode. When I finally turned the corner I saw Miss running full speed AT ME! Oh my gosh! I dropped to my knees as she ran into my arms! That little dog turned around and didn't see me and decided to start heading back. I can't tell you the relief I felt. Thank God she was so attached!

Ever since, I have used her attachment to my advantage. She's slipped her collar a couple more times after that and every time instead of chasing her I just turn and walk home and sure enough she comes right back to me. It also worked great in training class. She was the only dog that could stand on one end of the aisle with food and treats in between her and the owner (me of course) and not get distracted. She would BOLT down the aisle and slid right into my legs!

At night Missaroo sleeps in the bed with me. She no longer just sits at the foot of the bed either. Nope she sleeps so close to me I can't move. She circles a couple of times and then lands somewhere on my arm; typically her head it on my elbow and my hands it on her back. If I do move, she moves too. It's as if she thinks, MUST.... TOUCH.... AT... ALL... TIMES.

Because of all of these instances, plus her overall adorableness I'm now equally attached to her. When ever I need to be comforted the Missaroo leaning on me sure does help. Seeing her smiling face when I go to pick her up brightens my day. Don't get me wrong she annoys the crap out of me a lot, but I wouldn't want to go a full day without her. We're too attached at the hip.

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