Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Happy Healthy Missaroo

The Missaroo and I moved to Spokane seven months ago this week. That is very hard to believe for a number of reasons. This month ((I realize there are a few days left and I might be jinxing it)) is only the second month we've been here that Missy hasn't been to the vet. Back in September, she needed a final booster shot for DHP. We drove all the way back to the Tri-Cities for that one. Then we found a new vet and it was a new patient exam and vaccinations for Kennel Cough in October and November.

She took the month of December off before coming down with Kennel Cough in January. The vet also discovered Missy had worms she picked up in the Tri-Cities when we went back for a visit around New Years. A week of medication later and she was finally cleared up but Kennel Cough was scary. She coughed so much the vet was worried she might rip her trachea! She had to be tranquilized to get her to stop. The poor Missaroo never seemed so out of it. She just lay on the bed with her eyes all red and rolled up in her head. It was definitely a scary dog mom moment for me.

Then in February her rabies vaccination was up and it was back to the vet. I'm hoping for both my wallet and her well being this is it for a while. All of the vet visits also reaffirmed the "thank God she is not a child" thought. I'd be filing for bankruptcy if I had to take a two year old to the doctor that much. And of course like any good dog mom I have all of Missy's vet bills and records on hand and organized in a binder. I love my Missaroo and I'm glad this month has been a happy, healthy one for both of us.... knock on wood.

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