Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enough with the Sad Face Missaroo

Almost every activity that keeps the Missaroo entertained involves me exerting energy. I only have so much of that these days. The recent two weeks of stress and worry have taken their toll on me. To top it all off another weird work schedule change isn't helping my energy level. Don't get me wrong, the Missaroo is still getting her hour long walk and numerous potty breaks a day, but after a long walk I'm done for. Typing this post is painful. So Missy sits in the house and stares at me with the sad face. Sometimes she wines and barks on top of it. It's more than one dog mom can take. The hardest part about playing any type of game with Miss is she needs constant interaction from you. You cannot just throw the tennis ball, have her fetch, and then throw it again. It doesn't work that easily. With Missaroo you throw, then chase, then wrestle said tennis ball away from her. It's exhausting! Today I just couldn't do it. My legs and arms hurt. I tried to tell her, enough with the sad face Missaroo, but once again noise was all she heard. Thank goodness it's at least sunny out. That might by me a few minutes here and there of balcony patrol. I just can't take the sad face but I'm too tired to do a whole lot about it.

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