Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Tail of a Single Dog-Mom in the 21st Century

So this blog might be all about the most adorable dog in the world, but it's also a smig about me. Well heads up, this post is ALL about me. I'm not sure if I coined the term "dog-mom" or where it came from but it definetely describes me well. So what does it mean to be a single dog mom? More so than actual moms, we get over looked when it comes to hard worker of the year awards. But we do work hard! At least I do. My everyday routine goes something like this: Wake up, take Missy out. Come back feed Missy. Attempt to chase Miss/throw around the toy while having breakfast and coffee, checking email, blogging, and then getting ready for the day. Then its time to pick up apartment and Missy toys before heading out on a walk. Then it's back home, fresh water for Miss, lunch, another check of the email. Then I try to get some homework done, usually with one hand on a slobbery rope before heading off to work. Nine hours later I'm back at home and before anything else, Miss is out for another walk. Then it's another round of food for both of us, some homework/slash rope playing time followed by bed. Now those are just the days I work. On my days off, if it's not vet appointments or a trip to the groomers she's usually headed to daycare. That way I can, oh, what's that you think, come home and rest??? Not a chance. That's when papers get written, the apartment gets clean, and the laundry is done. See pretty busy for not being an actual "mom" don't you think? And I don't get the excuse of walking around in my sweats all day either because I don't have a kid now do I? Nope just a dog. Now, before you jump down my back let me say this: I RATHER BE A SINGLE DOG MOM THEN A SINGLE KID MOM! Those moms have it rough! If there's anything Missaroo has taught me it's that I couldn't be a single mom thousands of miles away from home. NO WAY! But dog-moms are moms too in their own right. I still clean up throw up and poop like any one with a two year-old. And of course there is the added pressure I put on myself to be a GREAT dog mom, good at my job, a perfect student, and I must look fabulous while holding it all together. Do we have it as bad as kid-moms, nope, not saying that. Just saying this: The life of a dog-mom can be pretty hectic too!

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