Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Everyone Loves You, Missy Mae

In case you haven't figured it out yet Missy likes people. On walks people often stop us and want to say hello or give her a friendly pet. She is very happy to stop and say hey there right back. BUT not everyone is a dog person, or is willing to go up to a stranger and her dog and stop them on a walk, and others simply don't have the time no matter how adorable they think Missy is. However, Missy does not understand this concept. She thinks everyone was put on the planet to pet her. When people walk by without petting her she tries to follow them, as if to say, hey down here you forgot to pet me. I have to tell her, not everyone loves you shmoo. We came across an extreme example of this the other day. Sometimes when Missy needs to potty very earlier in the morning I'll just walk down with her and let her do her business. She's not on a leash. The distance is maybe a foot from our door to the patch of grass outside. So at 5am it happened again, she did her business and then flew up the stairs back to our apartment while I followed. This time my old neighbor lady happened to be coming out at the same time. Now, I know the many different sides of Missy and this was definitely her happy-go lucky self running up the stairs. My neighbor practically had a heart attack and ran back inside and closed the door. Now Missy didn't jump, bark, or act in any aggressive way. She was simply on her way back home. I thought the neighbor kind of over reacted, but I could see how a dog running at you might be scary. But once again this was the happy Missaroo. And then I remembered, the neighbor has always been a little hesitant around us. I thought it was just because she was old. But I guess I need to listen to my own words of wisdom to my dog, not everyone loves you Missy Mae.

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