Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Lazy Dog Days of Winter

The other day Miss and I made a trip to the vet for some routine vaccinations. Like always, the first stop was to the scale. Turns out Missaroo has gained FOUR pounds in just a few months. Wow! I feel like a bad mom. In the last year since I got Miss, she has always hit that scale at 26 pounds. There's really only one thing to blame it on, laziness. Missy eats the same everyday, almost at the same time even. ((I'm very big into routine, schedules, and lists but that's another blog for another day)). Now I admit I've been down in the dumps the last couple of weeks, but truth be told as soon as it got a little cold I ran inside and hid. Unfortunately ,Missy has been curling up next to me that whole time. But the weather is making a turn for the better and so is my mental well being, so it's time to hit the streets again and take off some of that weight. I promise, the lazy dog days of winter are over for us!

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