Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's start at the beginning

I thought our first post should give a little bit more background on who it is you're reading about. In December of 2008 I was living in the Kennewick, Washington and missing home, aka the great state of Illinois. I decided maybe it was time for a companion. I went to and searched for dogs. It wasn't long before I found a 1 year-old named Missy who was the perfect size and loved car rides. She was found abandoned in east Pasco. Although there were no signs of physical abuse, emotionally she had issues. On January 24th, 2009 I went to met Miss for the first time and it was love at first sight. I took her home without owning a single dog anything! Our first stop was to Petsmart. The entire car ride this new dog of mine wouldn't stop strying to lick my face! She still hasn't stopped and she's been by my side ever since. Even though I went to her there is no doubt we saved each other. She has also earned several nicknames and currently goes by, Miss, Missy Mae, the Missaroo and most recently shhhmish-shmish-moo!

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  1. aaww, too sweet! That is a really cute picture of her! I have always been a dog person and I believe that dogs are man's (woman's) best friend. I adopt from the shelter rather than buying dogs because their are so many wonderful dogs that have been put-out and treated horribly by their owners! My last dog, Petey, was a rescue and he was wonderful! He was all mine; even had sympathy pains and lost weight when I was pregnant because he didn't know what was wrong with me. I love the doggies! I do like cats too but dogs are usually so much more comforting. Petey would stay in bed with me when I was sick and he watched Gilmore Girls with me too!