Sunday, February 21, 2010

Uh, Oh! Here Come the Motorcycles

I should be happy that spring like weather has hit the Inland Northwest so soon. Missy and I were both very happy to be out on the balcony enjoying the day that is until I heard it. And worst of all Missy heard it too, the sound of a motorcycle driving by. Missy HATES motorcycles! Some of you may think you've seen Miss flip out, but until you've seen her around a motorcycle you just don't know how bad it can get. Missy has an ear-piercing bark. Sometimes I know she's about to bark and I still jump when that noise actually comes out. I have to grab my heart. That bark, plus an all-out flip out until the motorcycle is out of sight might rival any two-year-old's tantrum I've ever witnessed. It's probably just as embarrassing for me as a dog-mom as it would be for a kid-mom. Missy also flips out around small dogs, sometimes big ones, but mostly small ones. One day, I kid you not, I saw a man on a motorcycle holding a small dog! THAT was my worst nightmare! I try not to tense up when I see one, but by the end of the summer I noticed myself tensing up in the car even when Miss wasn't with me. I'll try not to let her notice, but now until next winter I know I'm going to be thinking, uh oh! Here come the motorcycles!

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