Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apartment Dogs Know How to Bury Bones Too

In one of the first blog posts, I mentioned there are two things that make Missaroo the most adorable dog in the world. This was the inspiration behind "Fast Paws McGee." The second thing that makes her so adorable is the fact that she "buries" her bones inside the apartment. The first time she did it was only a day after I got her. I had no idea what she was doing except making some sort of scratching noise. When I peaked around the chair I realized, "she thinks she's burring her bone!" She walks around the apartment with her bone in her mouth until she finds the perfect spot. Then she puts it down and pushes her nose against the floor like she's pushing dirt onto it! She then uses her paws to push the bone into the carpet, or blanket, or where ever she's decided to hide it. I find bones behind pillows, under a pile of clothes in the closet, in the sides of chairs, and sometimes underneath my head in the morning! She's pretty darn good. I have to admit I'm super impressed sometimes at how well she hides them. I find a lot of them by accident when I'm going to clean or I sit on one, OUCH! I love that Missy doesn't let her apartment living keep her from being a real dog. Even apartment dogs know how to bury their bones.

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