Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes, That's Right, Missaroo Wears a Backpack

I often get asked, "What is your dog wearing", or "Is that like a pack or something" or my personal favorite, "Is he packing his own lunch?" I just love when people think Missaroo is a he, I mean she has a purple leash and pink collar for crying out loud! But to get back on track, Missy wears a backpack, or use to anyway, for two reasons. One, she is too easily distracted by other dogs. The backpack puts her in "carrier" mode so she's more likely to think, "gotta carry, gotta carry" and less likely to think, "other dog, loud car, bird, squirrel." The second reason is because she is so high energy, weighing her down makes her use more energy in the same amount of time. I am the first one to admit she looks silly. She thought so too the first time I put it on her. I tell her to be proud in her backpack anyway. By now, she's pretty use to it. She usually only wears it when we travel though. And the best part about the backpack is when we do go for long walks she can carry all of my stuff, keys, phone, ect,, and her own water! Gotta love the self-contained dog!

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