Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can We Talk About the Chickens

One of Missy's favorite places is the Engel house in Kennewick. It just so happens to be one of my favorite places in the state as well. This summer while hanging out and being unemployed for a couple of months, I spend almost everyday there whether they were actually home or not. One day Miss and I headed over there to meet up with my Washington State grandma Mary and her daughter for a swim in the infamous 85 degree pool. Miss was free to roam around while we went for a swim. At one point, she disappeared under the fence. My first thought was she probably went out front to go to the bathroom. And then I heard it. A chicken screaming bloody murder! I ran out to the front and there I find the slowest chase of all time. Missy is following this chicken pulling its feathers off one by one as though its some kind of game. She's not barking. She actually seemed to think it was fun. So Then I start chasing Missy chasing the chicken. But we are only moving as fast as the chicken is, which is not very fast. Luckily, Missy became trapped it what had become an obstacle course of Sim's belongings out front. ((They had recently moved and some of the backyard items hadn't made it to the new house yet)) The chicken ducked under a pew to escape, leaving Missy stuck. I was able to pick Missy up and carry her into the house. The chicken survived. Needless to say the chicken fence was secured the next day and the Engel's never had another problem with the neighbor's chicken wandering over again.  I think that was the day she became one of the family too. 

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