Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Missaroo in Love

The Missaroo loves the men, and not surprisingly, the men love her. I first noticed it when I took her to work with me. She actually rolled over for one of the guys in the KREM 2 Newsroom. She has NEVER just rolled over! It usually takes lots of treats and a few tries to get it right. But then I thought back to our days in the Tri-Cities. There are two men from there that she just adores. The first one is Wayne Engel.  He is also my Washington State dad. He was the first person other than me to call her the Missaroo. When we returned for a visit she actually recognized the sound of his truck pulling into the driveway and FLIPPED OUT! The second man is Wayne's son and my Washington State brother Danny. He was the first person to ever dog-sit her. He also gave her a bag of treats instead of her food because he said she liked the treats better. Then there is my dad. They became buds over a week of bonding while I worked. And now there is the latest and greatest love of her life. Missy is in love. All I can really tell you about him is he is someone, that I up until very recently, dated. She knows where he lives and barks at his house when she goes too long without seeing him. She would attack him when he came over to our apartment. And would bark at him when he would hug me instead of pet her. Jealous! He loves her back. He has given her one of her many nicknames. Now she sadly sits by the window, stares out into the street, and waits. I tried to break it to her that he's not coming back but alas, at the end of the day Missaroo is a dog and just doesn't understand. Missaroo and I are both heartbroken these days. Once again, I'm thankful we have each other.

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