Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slip and Slide

Our early morning walk turned into a big OUCH! We were around the corner from home when we hit some ice and I landed pretty hard on my butt bone and hand. My hand only stung for a little bit and it hurts to walk but nothing is broken, praise the Lord. It is the hardest I've hit the pavement this winter, mostly because it's the first time I've actually hit the pavement! Don't get me wrong, I've fallen plenty of times, but always on snow.

Last month, I wrote about Missy and Mister being the protectors of my universe. Well, after my slip and slide, Miss turned into nurse and caregiver as well. Mister continued to pull ahead, stop in the middle of the road, and slide a few times himself. After I got up off the cold, hard ground, Miss stayed right by my side. Notorious for running ahead of our pack, She stayed right with me, even walking behind me for a while. She even kinda gave me that look like mom you OK? Unfortunately she's lived through my migraines, depression, and refusals to get out of bed before ((most of which is in the past now)) and she hates when mom is not OK. Fortunately, mom is OK and it's going to take more than a slip and slide on the pavement to keep me down nowadays.

The real bad news about the icy walk is the fact the sidewalks are still pretty bad out which means we still aren't really going on walks as much as we are cruising around the block five time a day to go to the bathroom. Today I'm going to spend my time thinking warm thoughts, looking for signs of spring, and keeping tabs on the melting ice outside.

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