Monday, March 21, 2011

Mister's First Groom

Mister and Missy had grooming appointments together this morning. Missy is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the PetSmart grooming experience. She goes to the same gal every eight weeks, and Cynthia and Missy are in love with each other. Now Mister got to see what being clean is all about. Like everything we do, it turned into quite the adventure.

We woke up early and rushed around to get ready. I drop the puparoos off at PetSmart and then head right into work. A couple of hours later I run back and get them, take them home, and head back to work. It makes for a long day for me. The car ride went as it always does, Missy barking and Mister wandering into my lap. I did a little better job this time of keeping him in the back though. Then we run to the back of the store and today the groomers was the place to be. We were the first ones in the door, but the waiting area quickly filled up. Luckily, Cynthia and her heads up knowledge of the Missaroo got her in the back before an all out dog fight broke out. That left me holding Mister. Of course, this not so great dog mom forgot his rabies paperwork. Shoot! They had to call over to the vet to make sure he was up-to-date, which of course meant more waiting. This was the easy part.

When I went to go pick them up, Mister came out first. He looked great and was super happy to see me. So happy he peed on me. Yep, in the PetSmart, on my dress clothes. Awe-some! I was so embarrassed and not so happy. I wiped myself off, kinda, but the damage was done. I grabbed Mister and Missy and we headed out to the car. Missy then peed in the middle of the parking lot. Almost as embarrassing, good thing it was raining. No harm, no foul right? 

Missy then barked the whole way home while Mister just looked adorable. At home, it was back in the crates, a quick change of my coat and pants and then back to work. On the way home I found myself laughing out loud at us. I've got a pucker and pee-er on my hands, O-M-G. What a silly life I lead. 

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