Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Potty Training Update

Mister is getting better about going outside instead of inside anytime he wants. He's only peed on my once in recent memory and that was as we were trying to get out the door. It was hard when it was really cold here for a few days. He basically decided he was not going to poop in the cold, which meant he pooped where it was warm, in the apartment. Since the warm up, he's been doing better.

I think what makes it so hard is that he just doesn't really give a warning and he just has to go A LOT. I mean, when I'm home with the puparoos and they are roaming free? We're out every three to four hours. He can hold it longer if he's in the crate, but he's gone in his crate just a few hours after the last time he's peed too.

I am seeing overall signs of improvement and I'm hoping he'll get pretty regular and learn to hold it a little more. The limiting his water intake is really helping. Thanks to everyone who has helped with tips and overall support, especially Missy's trainer Angie. There would be zero improvement without her help.

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