Friday, March 4, 2011

Dog Mom Day

I don't have many days to myself. I spend most of my "weekends" running errands, being OCD about cleaning my apartment ((like I can't function before I clean it)) and doing lots and lots of homework. That's all before three hours of class that night. That might be a glimpse into my to do list, but not my priority list. That includes my two puparoos. If I have time to sit down to eat and shower, well it's a good day. Wednesday was the exception to all of this.

I stilled cleaned and finished writing a paper. I had class at night and the dogs went outside plenty. BUT. The rest of the day I focused on me! I went shopping. I rarely buy things for myself, and yes even on my "me day" I stopped off at the pet store to buy food containers and another pack of bones. Now don't get me wrong, I spend big bucks on things like my makeup and hair, but I don't usually take the time to just shop around, wander a store, and treat myself other than necessary upkeep. It felt good to take time a way from the dogs to just get out and almost feel like a normal 25 year old for once. Then after class, I read FOR FUN! Yeah it's been ages since I've managed to pull that one off. I know I need to make time for myself more often, but I'm just not very good at it. Even now, I've recently started a new project for a friend.

Hopefully, I will convince myself that I need more, not so dog mom days, but until then I'll just remember what it felt like to enjoy the day, instead of rushing through it.

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