Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pukaroo is Back

Missy is back to puking. She's thrown up three times this month. Once in her crate while I was gone, the other two times on the carpet. I can't figure out what's changed, ((other than my schedule again)) if anything. I bought a different type of rawhide bone, but yet still a plain ole rawhide bone. Other than that, no new toys, same old treats, and same dog food. Same amount of food and treats. Nothing else has changed. Is it really my work schedule that throws her off so badly?

For those of you who don't know much about the news business, there are certain months of the year that none of us can take off. It happens when we are in our ratings period, also known as book or sweeps. February, May, July, and November nobody is taking a vacation. That's great news for the Missaroo because it means I will have a set schedule that entire month. There isn't a whole lot of vacation time used up right after the holidays either ((aka January)). We enter March, I'm on a different schedule starting immediately and she's thrown up three times. Hmm.... One more reason why I can't work on the bottom of this totem pole forever. Missy doesn't have the stomach for it.

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