Thursday, March 31, 2011


I had the worst dream last night. I had a dream that my old work made me give Mister away! It was horrible. In my dream I got him to be our station dog ((that would never happen in real life by the way)) and then when I left they took him back! But they didn't tell me. I thought I was brining him back so everyone else could say goodbye to him, but it turned out they were giving him to my weekend sports anchor and his fiancĂ©e! What a nightmare. Holy cow!

Then I woke up and little Mister had fallen asleep on my foot. In the process, my foot had turned to concrete and I couldn't even move it. I had to wake poor Mister up, rub my foot, and start moving it around. All before 3am. What a night! But at least Mister was still there in the bed with us. Oh yeah, Missy was just annoyed she was woken up at all. Then I took them both outside to pee to prove all was well in our world again. Dogs!

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