Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good Life

It's funny, my graduate program is similar to my undergrad experience in one way: I've learned more from my classmates than I have from books. The great thing about the program I am in is that I get to hear and learn about other people's passions. Most of my classmates I am extremely jealous of. Some of them have dual citizenships, some of them only have citizenship outside the U.S. Some of them have simply traveled our great world. But with all of that worldly experience, some of them have seen some devastating things.

Recently, one of my classmates briefly said something to the effect that she had seen her parents killed in front of her in Rwanda and it kinda messed her up for a while. Whoa! I'm not sure what struck me the most, the fact that she was a survivor of genocide who had seen her parents brutally murdered or the fact she could calmly make a statement like "it kinda messed her up for a while".

After that, I stopped complaining about the direction my life has taken. I forget of course and I complained when I came home to dog throw-up ((courtesy the Missaroo)) and got peed on again ((courtesy Mister)) all in the same few minutes. And it will still probably happen, the complaining I am referring to, but I no longer want to question the direction of my life. I lead the good life. Great dogs, Great gig, going to school, nice apartment. I have it pretty easy most of the time. God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, and we can do anything through Him who gives us strength. If there's one thing missing from my life right now, it is a better relationship with God. Time to crack open my Bible and thank the Lord for my good life.

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