Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mirror Images

The puparoos together continue to brighten my everyday and make me laugh uncontrollably. They've also found new ways to keep each other entertained. The latest installment of Missy and her mini-me has the two of them squared off in a staring contest. Then they mimic each other's movements.

For example, Mister will be on the couch next to me. Missy will be laying on the floor staring up at him. She moves her head up, so does he. She puts her head back down, so does he. They mirror each other. I usually end up ruining it because I start laughing. Then Missy comes running and jumps on me and of course Mister follows suit. There's nothing like being attacked by nearly 40 pounds of dog while trying to cover your head with a blanket and laugh. I love my puparoos. Never a dull moment in our home! :)

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