Thursday, March 17, 2011

Park 'n Ride

Yesterday was kind of a gloomy, ho-home day EXCEPT for the fact that it didn't rain or snow AND was in the high 40's! Which made it the best weather day of the year so far. It also meant it was time for the puparoos and me to blow this popstand for a little bit and head out to the park!

It's the first time all year Miss and I have hit up Manito and the first time ever for Mister. The park is only about a ten minute drive from our home so I decided not to use Mister's crate to transport him. I need to get a small portable crate for him, but can't afford it at the moment. Instead I tied him the way I use to tie Missy before we bought her a seatbelt. Let me tell you, he travels a lot better than the Missaroo. No barking, no freak outs, but he did end up on my lap. But then he just sat there.

When we got to the park they were both really excited. They went to the bathroom like they hadn't gone all year or something. They sniffed and walked until their little hearts were content and my feet hurt. Then it was back in the car for the ride home. Mister again ended up on my lap and Missy was pulling as far as her seatbelt would let her. I looked over at the puparoos as we pulled into the apartment complex and they were both doing their little, hu, hu, hu noise they make when they're tired from all that running around. It made me laugh and smile.

Once we were home they traded off chewing a new bone for about a half an hour before Mister and I were tuckered out and took a nap. Who knows how long Missy stayed up but she eventually was the reason Mister and I got off the couch. It was a fun day for the dogs who got to go to the park and on a ride!

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