Friday, March 18, 2011

No One Listens To Mom

The dogs run the place, duh. We all knew that. There aren't many rules in the house either, just one big one that no one seems to follow: No fighting on the furniture, and really no fighting on the piece of furniture where mom is. But no one listens to mom.

It's great that the puparoos run around the apartment together. They love to roll around and play. But then they have to take it to wherever I am. A classic example from earlier in the week: Mister was sitting with me on the couch. Missy was chewing her bone. Then she finished with that, jumped up on the couch and started to roughhouse with Mister. Immediately I stand up shoe them off and say "No fighting on the furniture." They shoed but had no idea what I was saying. This happened three more times. Same thing, they would be done playing, Mister came up by me, Missy started to chew her bone, decided to heck with it let's play, and off they'd go again. No one listens to mom.

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