Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For those of you who are out there judging me for me last post showing Missaroo and her new red "cape" did you know this was the snowiest November in Spokane's history!?!? So I'm not talking a little snow and a little cold here. I literally took Miss out to pee when it was 3 degrees outside. 3 DEGREES! It might have only take a couple of minutes but it felt like a lifetime. It takes me five minutes to layer up before we head out the door for the slush and snow. And I would look at the little Missaroo with nothing on, getting wet and gross, and just thought we have to do something about this.

So I bought her that little red cape. Its actually from the Martha Stewart collection at Petsmart ((OK you can judge me for that one)) but the things I like about it are 1) It keeps the snow off of her as we walk so she's not as wet. 2) It's easy to put on her and 3) Of all the things I've put on that dog for practical purposes over the last two years, this one is at least a little on the stylish side. She even looks a little festive if I do say so myself.

Now don't get me wrong, being a Midwest girl I love the snow. I just never expected this much so soon. But now that we are into December I guess it will all work out. The only way I could be depressed about this snow is if it melts by Christmas. Snow for Thanksgiving and NOT for Christmas!?! ... So not cool.

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