Thursday, December 9, 2010

And I Thought Yellow Snow Was Bad

WARNING: If you are grossed out by all this dog pee talk, prob not the blog post for you. If you are a dog parent, this is just another day in the life....

I've been complaining about taking Miss out to pee in the frozen tundra lately because there really isn't any place for her to pee. Well last night she had to go poop, not pee, and it was awful. Missy in general is super picky about where she goes. She'll even squat a few times, sniff, and move on before she finds that perfect spot. Well in the snow those perfect spots seem to be in shoe prints of anything else that makes a hole in the snow.

Now you might be thinking that's pretty darn smart of here. I mean as a person, if you were out in the wilderness and forced to go outside you might look for a spot to go somewhere similar right? Well I have news for you, Missy is not a person and the goal is not to bury it. The goal is to go somewhere that I can easily scoop up with a mitten on and a plastic grocery bag turned inside out. Trying to dig my hand into these little holes and actually pull her poop out just made me smush it all over. It was gross and unsuccessful. I should have just left it. I made a bigger mess trying to clean up after her. Did I mention it was also dark out? Yeah. Good times to be had by all.

The most disappointing thing is I was really in the mood to take Miss for an evening stroll. But three minutes in I'm holding a plastic bag of smeared doggie poop and decided I didn't want to carry that around for the next twenty minutes. At this point, the nearest poop drop off point was right outside our apartment. We headed back the way we came and called it a night. I love the snow, but it sure seems to bring out my inabilities as a dog mommy.  Poor Shmooie.

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