Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Joy!

I'm having trouble getting excited about anything these days and instead, I've just been frustrated. Really frustrated with work for more reasons than maybe I can even count at this point, and frustrated even as a volunteer. I miss going to class and can't wait for Christmas break to be over. I really enjoy talking with the people in my classes and they are often times the only real conversations I have with someone in person all week.

Someone recently wrote to me saying they hoped I would do something that brought me joy that afternoon. Hmm.... it really got me thinking and I took it up as a challenge. I asked my only friend here to go ice skating. That would certainly bring me joy. But his schedule didn't allow for it. I tried to set up a few other things, no go. So Miss and I visited poor little Willis at SpokAnimal instead.

And then last night I was organizing all of Missy's paperwork. I have every bill from every vet visit, every Petsmart training lesson, I even had a few of her first groom receipts. It was in order for the most part, but a few things needed to be shuffled around plus I wanted to see exactly when she is do for her yearly check up. In my organization I also came across Missy's original bio from Pet Over Population Prevention. Her little picture and sweet face are still the same, there's just less worry in her eyes nowadays. And she's still the same Missaroo she was two years ago. Her bio reads that she likes to be on the go, loves to cuddle, and chew toys. Yep that's my baby. The one thing that constantly brings me joy.

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