Monday, December 13, 2010

Mean Girls

I've often said there isn't anything I wouldn't talk about on this blog, but that has been a lie. I've tried my darnest to steer clear of work, well not anymore. I am shunned at work by a group of girls that I affectionately call "the mean girls" like straight out of the freaking movie and I am Lindsay Lohan. They hate me because Tim did not. That is the worst reason in the world I can think of for a woman to hate another woman, because some dude likes ((now liked past tense)) her. It's the epitome of being a horrible woman and a you know what.

I was told shortly after I started at KREM that if I continued down the road I was heading ((hanging out with Tim)) head mean girl would be mad and hate me and then all the other little mean girls would follow suit. Well who needs enemies with friends like that huh? Tim was the greatest thing that ever happened to me ((or so I thought)). Before I knew what happened I was head over heels and shunned by a group of women I didn't even know very well. And to that I thought oh well!

You should have seen how unbelievably happy they were to see me cry when he broke my heart. You would have thought I had bought them all a new pair of Jimmy Choos or something! That's when they wanted to be my friend.... and once again I thought, who needs enemies then, right? So I declined.

Now this is the short, simple, and sweet version of this story. I will spare you all the horrible things they did and said. I never fought back, I didn't think I needed to because I was happy. And when I wasn't happy I just thought well what is the point of being mean back now? So I never have been.

But I can tell you what, I'm sick to my stomach. I can't tell you how horrible it is to walk in every Friday and hear about the clique fun being planned, and to hear every Monday how much fun that plan really was. It is horrible to be shunned when you did nothing to deserve it, EVER. And it is much, much worse and gut wrenching when you have ONE person to talk to about it. To say, "it really sucks that they are horrible to me and I don't think I can take not having girlfriends to hang out with one more day" just to find out that ONE person was there. And never bothered to mention it, to prepare you for the blow, to just let you drown right there in the middle of the newsroom. This person who said horrible things about every one of them to me. Went down the list and even used words like "crazy" to describe them. Not how I would desribe my friends, how about you? And to think if that's what you have to say about them, then what do you have to say about me? Do you join in with them? Because you certainly don't stand up for me. Once again, who needs enemies these days? I have officially hit rock bottom in Spokane.

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  1. Girl I am so sorry you are going through this. I myself have been in almost the exact same situation, with a few minor adjustments. Don't let anyone get you down though. It's better to stand out and shine true to yourself, then to give in and be another face in the crowd. I think it's horrible people will shun others...but all it does is speaks their character. You'll eventually find true people, trust me. For now hang tight and keep on working hard :) Miss you~