Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pillows!?! Those Aren't Pillows!

Getting up very early in the morning is even more difficult when the Missaroo doesn't feel like getting up. If she has to go to the bathroom, well it's time to move it or face the consequences. But on the days when she just kinda looks at me like, "are you really moving mom?" when the alarm goes off make it impossible to get out of bed.....

"Why am I getting up at 7:15 am again?" I often ask myself, especially on nights when I didn't get home until midnight from work. But that's the life. What makes it even harder, is when Miss not only doesn't feel like getting up, but when she uses me for a pillow. She is a HUGE snuggler in general, but when she rests her little head on my back or bottom well then I really feel bad about moving. And let's face it, who really feels great about jumping out of bed in winter anyway? Like I need a guilt trip on top of it. My snuggly Missaroo makes me never want to leave the apartment, let alone bed. She can use me for a pillow anytime, it beats the heck out of getting hit in the head with chew toys!

Love you Shmooie!

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