Monday, January 17, 2011

Missy Mae Day

I think in order for Missaroo to have a great day we have to be on the go. She enjoys trips to the pet store, going for a drive, and of course walking, sniffing and anything involving treats. There are even days when I wish we were still taking classes because it was a great bonding experience and we both looked forward to it.

As much as Miss and I enjoy those activities, I also happen to enjoy watching TV, laying on the couch, and oh yeah, naps. Those activities don't happen nearly as often, but I've come to realize Miss kinda likes those ones too.

Friday I really didn't feel like doing anything before work. I was tired, cranky, and a little depressed. So I laid down on the couch after our morning walk. Missy looked at me with those great big brown eyes like usual and I thought for sure she was headed to the crate to dig out a toy to annoy me with. I asked her "come on baby, just snuggle with mom, please!" And you know what, she did! We spent a few hours just hanging out together right there in front of the TV. I was happy for the time to spend with Miss without feeling like I had to entertain her. It was a great Missy Mae day.

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