Monday, January 31, 2011

Not So Potty Trained

I was told Mister was house trained. Well that just isn't the case. He has peeped more times in the house than probably he and Missy have both peeped outside. A week later, its time to own up to the fact he just isn't house broken and do something about it. At first I was hoping he was just getting settled, he was scared, or he was trying to get rid of the Missy smells. That was before he peeped on my coffee table, like on the TOP of it. Now all bets are off.

Missy had a GREAT Petsmart trainer who we've kept in touch with. I sent her a message last night asking for some potty training tips. She sent me great ones we started that same night. We have a long road ahead and I feel a bit blind sided by this whole thing, but its fully steam ahead on the potty training train.

Side note: Missy was house broken from day one so this is my first go round with potty training. It is the reason I wanted older dogs more than a year old so I never would have to worry about this. But I guess my time has come.

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