Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Did That Just Happen?

Missy and I can turn anything into a miss-adventure and yesterday was no different. ((And let me point out to you that I am currently without coffee filters which means I am currently without coffee)) Miss and I were out on our early morning walk. We had probably strolled about a block from home when Missy got away from me. Like I was holding her leash on one side of the street while she ran across to the other.

At first, I thought her collar broke, but when I got up next to her I was able to put her leash back on. Something was missing however, her tags. I think I must have somehow slipped her leash through her tags instead of the collar hook. Oops! Well actually more like BIG oops!

We ran back across the street in search of her tags. Did I mention it was also snowing the entire time, you know on top of the original 8 plus inches on the ground? Now you're starting to picture just how fun all of this really is.  I was able to find her microchip and her personal tag but the rabies one was no where to be found. I have her certificate which is much better proof anyway, but we'll still have to get that one replaced. What a way to start my Saturday morning.

We ended up finishing off our walk with Missy still attached to her collar and her leash the whole time.

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