Friday, January 28, 2011

Mister, Clean

When I took Missy to the groomer on Monday, I was hoping to get Mister in there too. But the one shot required by Petsmart is a rabies shot, and the only one he's missing, you guessed it, is that one. So he'll go in with her in March instead. That seemed like a long way away and to me, Mister smelled like other dogs so I wanted to clean him up a bit. ((plus he's a boy dog and I had def seen him pee on himself)) So with a lot of help from Grams, into the kitchen sink he went.

He actually did a lot better than I thought he was going to. I pictured a wet, soapy dog on the loose in my apartment after jumping out of the sink. Luckily for us, as much as he prob didn't like it, he didn't show it. He let us wet him down, soap him up, and the rinse him off. I then held him like the little baby he is while I toweled dried him off. Grams took the blow dryer to him to finish him off. Now he smells as great as the Missaroo.

There was only one time when I  did scream. That's when he started to shake off the water while I had my hands on him in the sink. I should have seen that coming but I didn', so I screamed and then laughed. Duh dog mom! Of course he was going to do that at some point. It was like a scene out of Beethoven. Turns out Mister has a few Misadventures up his sleeve too! Welcome to the family little guy.

((ps the soap pictures is NOT what we used to clean him with, that's just where I keep my dish soap))

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