Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet People

Pet people have a common bond, especially those who consider themselves pet parents. I like to think I coined the term dog mom, but I'm sure I didn't. Although I am the only one who seems to trend dogmommoment on Twitter. I'm still working to make that "happen." It's also very cool when I get recognized as a dog mom. I love when people think of me that way.

Yesterday at work my assignment desk manager said she had a magazine for me. Really!?! I thought. Random. And then she pulled out "Healthy Pet" magazine. Who knew it even existed! But it was very cool of her because she also told me how she reads it and then throws it away but realized I would enjoy it so she'll give it to me after she's done. She recognized me as a dog mom!

Now it is hard not to think of me as a dog mom at work since I sit there with a picture of Missaroo on my desk. But I really rather be thought of as dog mom above almost everything else minus being a Lutheran and a Christian. ((Unfortunately I'm a much better Lutheran than a Christian, but that's another blog for another day)) It was a great feeling. I love all the pet people out there, especially those who go above and beyond for their pets and fellow pet owners. God Bless the pet people.

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