Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Can't You Be More Like Mister?

Well for all of Missy's needy moments the day before, you would not have know it if you met her last night. She was back to being her usual fireball self, barking at the neighbors constantly, barking at me, barking at Mister, barking, barking, barking....

She was also running around the house like crazy with that intense look in her eyes. She is ready for SPRING! Like real Spring, not warm one day, freezing cold wind or rain the next. Yesterday was one of those rare sunny moments. The balcony door was open and the Missaroo was in fine form. She kept this wild and crazy dog routine going well into the night. Mister and I did our best to trade off entertaining her and ignoring her. Even out tag team duo was no match for Miss.

By the end of the night, I just kept telling her, "No Miss I don't want to pet you and I don't want to play." Mister had fallen asleep by my feet and would lift his tired little head, open his big brown eyes, look at Missy in all her craziness and then fall back to sleep. It was as if to say, "What are we barking at? Oh just you? OK back to sleep." He def provided the comedy last night. I love when he struggles awake just to watch his head fall back down again. Then I would turn to Miss and ask, "Why can't you be more like Mister, he's asleep!"

Oh my crazy, funny puparoos! What is a dog mom to do?

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