Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy and Buddy

The only downside of adopting two adult dogs is that I didn't have the chance to name either one of them. Missy and Mister both came with their names and knew them long before I came into the picture. I decided to give Missy a middle name, Mae, and a nickname, The Missaroo. With Mister, I simply changed the spelling of his name. His foster mom spelled it with a "y" Myster as in Mystery. I changed it to an "i" as in Miss and Mister. Too cute I thought!

If I did have the chance to name them, however, I definitely would have named Missy "Happy." Aside from her freak out moments when it comes to other dogs, she is always happy. She has this great way of smiling at you with her tongue that just makes me laugh.  Even after a freak out, she then looks at me with that same grin like "didn't I do good mom? I chased the other doggies away!" She is my happy, healthy, Missaroo. 

Mister, on the other hand, is my sad little camper. He's not actually sad, he just always looks it because he has those big brown eyes and his tear ducts are on the outside instead of the inside so it's always wet underneath his eyes. He is my little buddy and that's what I would have named him "Buddy." I think I've already confused him because when we go on walks he is the straggler and I often have to encourage him to walk with my "come on buddy, come on Mister." I've realized he's much more likely to actually move if I use his name, but he too will always be my little buddy. 

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