Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome Home Mister!

Last night I went to pick up Mister from daycare/doggie hotel. I was worried about how the little bugger would do away from home without Miss. Turns out he loves doggie daycare! Just like big sis, they told me Mister played with everyone. When he came out he had the biggest grin on his little face and he was doing his little pant. He's as cute as a button.

There was one mishap, but for this I blame the doggie daycare not Mister. He chewed his collar. I asked that they make a note to not let him sleep with it on ever again. Shortly after I adopted him he tried to get his collar off as well, but it got stuck around his mouth and throat. I found him nearly choking to death and my mom and I had to cut it to get it off of him. He's never slept with a collar on since, and I assumed the doggie daycare people would know better than this dog mom. Apparently, not. I told them that same story.

On the car ride home, you wouldn't have even know he was there. He just laid in the backseat very quietly. It was a far cry from listening to Missaroo bark for three hours on the way home from Kennewick. When we got home Missy was super excited to see him. She wanted to play, he wanted to sleep. I ended up giving her a special treat just so he could get some rest. It wasn't long before he was passed out in his bed.

It's safe to say Miss and I are both happy Mister is home. Welcome home little buddy! 

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