Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Limpy McLimperson

Mister needs surgery. It all started a few weeks ago when I noticed he would pick up his leg every once in a while. I thought maybe he stepped on something that hurt his paw but I didn't see anything. Within seconds, the leg would be back down and he'd carry on as if nothing happened. Then I noticed it happening more frequently starting a week ago so when I drop him and Miss off at daycare I asked they keep an eye on his hip. That's when the gal told me she noticed it last weekend! Hmm... Monday night when he came home, the leg was starting to come out to the side. It was time to call the vet.

Here you can see him picking up his leg: 

So it turns out what is happening is his knee keeps popping in and out of place. The vet says this is pretty common in small dog breeds where their knee joint is to shallow. Basically, they have to go in and make it bigger so his knee can fit on top of it better. This should fix the problem, but he could develop arthritis there later in life. So a week from tomorrow Mister goes under the knife. The surgery should only take an hour. Of course, I'll update you right here.

In the meantime, I'm carrying him up and down the stairs, limiting his walking, feeding him anti-inflammatory meds, and keeping him from playing with the Missaroo. None of which is an easy task. Poor Limpy! 

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